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Swimming Pool Services

Pool Service

Residential and commercial pool services are what we do. Our residential pool services are numerous: pool opening and closing, leak detection, deck pressure washing and draining and acid cleaning. Our commercial pool services are: detection and repair of leaks, replacing and cleaning of filters and spa heater, pool deck pressure washing, and pool draining and cleaning with our without the acid solution.

Leak Detection

Acid Wash


Renovation and Resurfacing

How to refresh your pool and make it look brand-new? Call us to improve the condition of your pool changing its materials and overall condition for the better. Our team is trained to replace the vinyl liner or tiles, change the decking material to add flagstone, pavers or stamped concrete, even to resurface the pool with a pebble-based finish.

Pool Resurfacing

Pool Pavers and Choping

Pool Remodeling

Pool Repair


Pool Maintenance

Our pool maintenance services help your pool get the sparkling look. In our offer are packages that include: adding water when needed, vacuuming the pool, backwashing the pool filters, cleaning skimmers, checking the chemicals, balancing the water chemistry, and brushing both pool steps and walls. Pool maintenance packages which are in our offer are done according to clients’ wishes: weekly, twice a week or even bi-weekly.

Chemical Balance

Pool Filter Maintenance

Salt System


Fountain Service and Maintenance

We offer fountain cleaning and maintenance to help our clients have their fountains neat and clean all the time. With our help, muddy and dirty water in your fountain will be a part of the distant past. Our workers are trained to put special nets and covers to surface the fountain when needed, especially in winter. Properly kept fountain in winter will pay off in spring. Fish in your fountain may be a problem, but we know what to do to protect them. We are on the way as soon as you call us.

Draining Fountain

Cleaning the Pump

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